Neighborhood-Elder & Stakeholder Christmas Luncheon

The elders of Signature HealthCARE of Trimble County hosted a luncheon to celebrate Christmas festivities. They wanted to celebrate their Neighborhoods and have lunch with their Neighbors, and they invited the Stakeholders who work on their Neighborhoods. Everyone ate family style and from a menu of comfort foods that the Elders chose. Pictured above are the Elders waiting for their luncheon to start at the big family table.

Doughnuts With Santa

Doughnuts with Santa was a big success! Thank you to everyone that came to our event.

Intergenerational Art Gallery


Milton Elementary’s fourth grade class came to SHC of Trimble County and had an art gallery for the neighbors!

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day today with our Social Services Director Rebecca Black, Phyllis, and Pippa.

$1,000 Sign-On Bonus for Full-Time RNs & LPNs


Are you wanting to work in a long-term care environment with a dynamic, high-energy culture that’s all about resident-centered care? We’re hiring and offering a sign-on bonus for certain positions at our facility.

Full-Time RN: $1,000 sign-on bonus*

Full-Time LPN: $1,000 sign-on bonus*

*Sign-on bonus will be paid over a 90-day-period. Twenty-five percent after 30 days, another 25% after 60 days, and the remaining 50% after 90 days.

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Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out at Signature HealthCARE of Trimble County!