Surely God is in this place

Scripture Reference: Genesis 28:10-19

My favorite Old Testament character has to be Jacob.  He is the guy in the book of Genesis who maliciously dupes his older brother out of his inheritance and blessing.  Jacob is also the guy who himself gets tricked into marrying a different woman than the one he’d initially wanted to marry.  Jacob is the guy who has an actual, physical, no holds barred wrestling match with God Almighty and lives to tell about it.  Jacob is the guy who later in life expects to be killed by his own brother but is instead met with mercy.  And when the Bible talks about the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob… this is that same guy.

I think most of us can relate to Jacob.  There have been times in our lives when we’ve knowingly wronged others.  And there have been times when the world has wronged us.  There have been times when we’ve found grace and mercy in unexpected places.  And some of us have even wrestled with God.

There is one story about Jacob that I hope we can all relate to at some point in our lives.  One night, Jacob is on a journey and decides to make camp and sleep out under the stars.  While he’s lying there, Jacob has this incredible vision or dream in which he sees some kind of gigantic stairway or ladder that extends all the way from the foundation of the earth up to heaven itself.  And on this ladder, there are angels going up and down.  And at the very top of this thing, Jacob sees God Almighty.  And God actually speaks to Jacob and blesses him.

Then Jacob wakes up and says, “Surely God was in this place and I didn’t even know it.”

My hope is that we too will experience or realize this in some way.  Maybe we’ll be in some boring meeting.  Maybe we’ll be in the middle of helping to feed an elder.  Maybe we’ll be dealing with an unsatisfied customer.  Maybe we’ll just be stuck in some daily routine… and end up seeing heaven itself open up before us.