SHC of Trimble County honors caregivers with ‘Blessing of the Hands’ ceremony

As we closed out National Nurses’ Week, a group of chaplains from the Louisville area visited six Signature facilities in order to honor our stakeholders.  The chaplains performed a “Blessing of the Hands” ceremony as a way of thanking them for all the hard work they do.  Thanks to everyone who participated!

We truly appreciate the blessed work of your hands.

– Nathan Marrs, Chaplain


During the Middle Ages, there developed many interesting practices within the Church for those who desired to remove themselves from the hustle and temptations of “secular” life.  Some individuals developed such a strong desire to flee the World that they literally bricked themselves into rooms in the back of local churches never to leave for any reason.  By being physically anchored into the churches, these “anchorites” and “anchoresses” hoped to live their lives devoted to prayer and the Eucharist, to God and to others. 

Some of these anchorites and anchoresses had but two small windows in their tiny rooms.  One window would face the church altar, which would hold the Communion elements.  The other window would face the outside world.  Townspeople would go to these windows seeking spiritual advice and prayer.  And I imagine that these outside-facing windows also provided a reminder of what was given up in order to join monastic life.

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Surely God is in this place

Scripture Reference: Genesis 28:10-19

My favorite Old Testament character has to be Jacob.  He is the guy in the book of Genesis who maliciously dupes his older brother out of his inheritance and blessing.  Jacob is also the guy who himself gets tricked into marrying a different woman than the one he’d initially wanted to marry.  Jacob is the guy who has an actual, physical, no holds barred wrestling match with God Almighty and lives to tell about it.  Jacob is the guy who later in life expects to be killed by his own brother but is instead met with mercy.  And when the Bible talks about the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob… this is that same guy.

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