Big Thanks from the Liter Family

To The Staff of Signature of Trimble County,

 First off, lunch that the kitchen staff provided on Thursday, was the best thanksgiving lunch that we ever had.  Many, many thanks to all that who were involved. 

  We are so happy with the nursing home.  All the staff and workers are so nice.  They treat the residents as if they were their own mother or father.

  P.S. My Mother is so happy there.  Best decision we ever made was to enroll here in Signature HealthCare nursing home.  Again many, many THANKS!


Letter from the Tingle family


We would like to thank you for your part in sending us the Lifting Up Thine Eyes inspirational book in memory of our mother, Lois Tingle.  We will treasure it for years to come.  Your care and concern for her and our family is greatly appreciated.

God Bless,

Joe and Jeff Tingle

Letter from Ms. Georgia & Family

Thank you, To all who helped take care of my brother Gene Owens.  I wanted to say a big Thank You.  You have all been kind to us all.  We will never forget you and your helpers.  May God bless you all.

Gene’s Sister, Georgia and family

“Home” A Poem by Elder Bonnie Rainey

I live at Signature HealthCare.

It’s a nursing home, you see.

I’ve been here about 16 months.

I am happy as can be.

I want to say I love you

to each and every staff.

They really come and help us

with whatever they can.

This is my home; I love it well.

I sure feel loved right here.

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