Donated Sensory Lap Quilts

This morning we received a big surprise! Linda Richmond and her Grandchildren Diamond, Zachary and Alex all with The Church Of Christ Bible Study Class brought in these beautiful Sensory Lap fidget mats & quilts they made for the residents. They are absolutely amazing and so much thought and love went into these lap quilts. The sensory detail is different in each quilt and their are some for men and for women. We cannot tell you how valuable and amazing these quilts are. Thank you to The Church Of Christ and Linda Richmond, Diamond, Zachary and Alex.

Baseball Game Outing

We enjoyed a beautiful day out at the Riverbats Game on Wednesday! We would like to give a big thank you to Nugent Sand Company for donating their box seats and tickets to the elders. The suite was so amazing and they had the best seats in the stadium! Thank you to Nugents for making this dream come true for several of the residents! One of the residents said, “I am 90 years old and I have never went to a baseball game!” Another resident said, “This brings back so many memories for me when I used to play baseball”. The elders enjoyed their favorite baseball game snack foods. The day was absolutely beautiful!


Fireworks Show/Celebration 2019

We enjoyed a spectacular fireworks show on June 29th! We would all like to thank Poppy’s General Store for having this amazing event! The residents, families and stakeholders enjoyed it so much! Thank you to all the stakeholders and volunteers who helped!

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Mrs. Gladys Penick

Join us next Thursday, April 11, between 5 p.m. & 6 p.m. as we celebrate the past career of Mrs. Gladys Penick for her many years of dedication to the Trimble School System. Mrs. Penick is looking forward to reminiscing with a lot of her former colleagues and former students.

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