Fireworks Show/Celebration 2019

We enjoyed a spectacular fireworks show on June 29th! We would all like to thank Poppy’s General Store for having this amazing event! The residents, families and stakeholders enjoyed it so much! Thank you to all the stakeholders and volunteers who helped!

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Mrs. Gladys Penick

Join us next Thursday, April 11, between 5 p.m. & 6 p.m. as we celebrate the past career of Mrs. Gladys Penick for her many years of dedication to the Trimble School System. Mrs. Penick is looking forward to reminiscing with a lot of her former colleagues and former students.

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Chopped 2019

We had our first Chopped competition. It was such a fun day filled with friendly competition. We had three teams: Team 1, and the winners of 2019 Chopped, Sweet Sensations, April & Carroll made a Graham Cracker Turtle Cake. Team 2 Restorative Strong, Margie & Geneva, made Cheesecake Crumbles. Team 3 Country Bumpkins, George & Jessica, made Country Cupcake Surprise! All three desserts were amazing and so delicious! Each team did such an amazing job and created some awesome desserts in under one hour! Thank you to all the teams that participated and thank you to our three judges and everyone that helped with this event! You all are amazing!

Rock Your Socks Day

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